About Us

Enghuat Industries Limited was established in 1976 in Nigeria. Through a number of fully owned and joint venture companies, the company’s business currently embraces rubber and rubber-wood manufacturing and trading, rubber plantation and land development, forwarding and warehousing services etc.

With our international business partners in China, U.S., Africa and Europe and the diversification of our products and services, Enghuat Industries Limited has made itself a reputable rubber and rubber-wood producer in Nigeria rubber industry and has played a key role in promoting business trades for Nigeria to their global counterparts. In addition to its business ventures, Enghuat Industries Limited facilitate the growth and advancement of construction, employment and standard of living for Nigeria.

Behind this remarkable success is the Chairman and founder, Mr. Bob Lin, supported by the professional multi-national management team. Our Chief Consultant has over 45 years of experience in rubber industry, from Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia to Firestone in Liberia and among others. Our Factory GM has more than 30 years’ experience in Rubber Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Inventory Management, etc.

Within the Enghuat there are three subsidiary companies and one office:

Enghuat Sapele Rubber Factory

Enghuat Calabar Rubber Wood Factory

Calabar Plantation and Land Reserve

Enghuat Lagos office

Our Locations