Mission and Social Responsibility

As Enghuat Industries Limited moving successfully toward its 40 years of operation, the company has been sharing it success with local Nigerian by drilling wells, providing medical cares and schooling for the people living in its Calabar plantation.

The company built a nursery, primary and junior schools with a total capacity of 1,000 students. With the help of various elementary and middle schools in U.S., who have donated large quantity of educational books to set up a library for the benefits of its local children and youth of all ages.

A general clinic was set up in our Calabar plantation to resolve the shortages of doctor and medication. Joint efforts with the Campus Crusade for Christ – a non-profit organization in U.S., free medical cares have been provided from our clinic to its local people since 2004.

After two long years since 2004, we successfully refurbished the water treatment plant on the plantation in 2006. Now we are able to distribute fresh and clean water to its 15,000 residents. With the assistance of the FAO people from China, we teach local residents new crop planting techniques for corn, peanut, potatoes, yam and the new knowledge of raising different livestock.

We are the one and only rubber stream line industry in Nigeria, from plantation to rubber wood and to rubber manufacturing, the company has attained its leading role among the Nigeria rubber producers while striving to improve the quality of life and well being of its people by giving back to the society.

Living Environment & Development Prospect in Calabar Area


Students in Class

Enghuat Model Schools